Cr Kate Richards


Councillor Kate Richards was elected by the residents of the Pullenvale Ward in the March 2016 election after having worked tirelessly with the people and community groups throughout her campaign.

Councillor Kate’s enthusiasm is contagious and her commitment to enhance the quality of life shared by the Pullenvale constituents is of paramount importance. Councillor Kate shares a long, personal history with the region that started as a young child when she accompanied her grandfather (a local builder and bricklayer) as he worked on countless projects throughout Brisbane’s western suburbs. Councillor Kate has since realised a life-long dream of raising her family here in the unique blend of rural and residential living that the Ward offers. Councillor’s home is in Pullenvale where she lives with her family of 3 boys and wonderfully supportive husband.

Councillor’s primary commitments are to ensure that decisions impacting the Pullenvale Ward are well considered and that rates dollars are wisely spent. Councillor Kate stands for being an active and accessible local government representative for the Ward and invites local residents to stand with her and get involved.

With an extensive background in the construction industry and high level negotiations, coupled with more than 10 years with Brisbane City Council, Kate has earned the critical experience necessary to undertake her role as Councillor. ‘This role of Councillor is not simply a job – it’s my vocation’.

Councillor Kate pledges her on-going commitment to the residents of the Pullenvale Ward and operates from a stable platform of contribution, solutions and sustainability.